This website provides public information about the OilEClear project - "Development of a safe, compact, highly efficient, economic and fully automatic electrolytic treatment system for separation of emulsified oil from wastewater of ships (bilge) and oil rigs (slop)". OilEClear was initiated by the coordinator, Westmatic i Arvika, and funded by "Research for SME" within the EU 7th Framework Programme.

Project Description

The overriding goal of the SME partners is to enable ships and rigs exploring offshore for oil and gas - the primary target markets for the OilEClear system - to meet all current and expected regulations regarding oil-in-water.

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Project Results

The OilEClear Pilot Plant

A new Renaren unit has been manufactured by Westmatic tailored to the OilEClear technology.

pilot plant

Parallel with this, manufacturing of the developed and designed components of the pilot plant to be tested on board the Stena Saga vessel has been progressing. These include the process control unit based on the Schneider PLS and HMI system for control of key process parameters, the enclosure system for eliminating potentially explosive and/or toxic gases, and the separation unit for removing generated floc beds. All components are now integrated with the new Renaren at Westmatic in Sweden where the functionality test is being run.


OilEClear presented at Offshore Technology Days (OTD) 2014

OTD is Norway’s largest annual oil and gas exhibition visited by more than 30000 persons from 30-40 nations.


The 2014 exhibition arranged at Straume near Bergen on Octber 15-16  has attracted an audience of engineers, technical specialists, industry leaders and experts.

OilEClear was presented jointly by Westmatic, Nacom and TI during the event at own stand with life demonstration of the technology. The stand did draw the attention of many visitors including major actors in the offshore industry such as Statoil and Kværner. During the demonstration, continuous information was provided about the cleanliness of the treated water with the help of an online ppm measuring device with own monitor.


Brochure about OilEClear project

The OilEClear brochure you can find here.


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