Description of work performed and main results - October 2013

The project has now completed the first nine months out of a total of 24 months. The focus has been on completing WP1 on establishing scientific knowledge of EC processes and its affect on removal of THC as well as establishing the design criteria for the system. Fraunhofer has run tests with Renaren, upon which the OilEClear technology will be based on, to establish the effect on removal of THC. The results were promising and will be used as a benchmark for the development of the floatation and separation chamber in WP3. Fraunhofer has also run tests to establish the level of hydrogen gas released from the process, which was well below LELs. TI has investigated relevant regulations, standards, type approvals as well as end user requirements and requirements in form of environmental factors relevant for the design, needed handling of sludge collected from the process, control system requirements, flow requirements and material requirement for ships, which will be a foundation for the work in WP2-4. In addition, TI has investigated the ATEX directive and NORSOK standards for rigs and platforms which are important input as requirements for the design and development for these markets. Based on these findings, TI has made for design options for rigs and platforms, taking into consideration the various EX zones.  Further work will include selection of best design of enclosure for the two markets, rigs and platforms.

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