Progress and results

To establish the final design requirements,  further investigations have been performed on floc characterization under different scenarios to understand , assess and minimize generation of potentially harmful or explosive gases. These are to be used as a basis for design of the protective measure as a form of gas enclosure as well as sensor guards. There has been full focus on the safety aspects of the cleaning system and the design of the gas enclosure is finalized after evaluating 4 alternative concepts. The prototype of the enclosure is being manufactured for integration with the Renaren before installation on board the Stena Line vessel.

The objective of an efficient OileClear system is to separate and remove emulsions swiftly from the waste water. In this regard both  accumulation and breakage of floc and further reagglomeration has been assessed. Based on this assessment different supplementary processes that will enhance the performance of the system  in order to meet requirements of existing and upcoming regulations  have been considered.

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