Technical progress and achievements

The research work on electrocoagulation at Fraunhofer and experience obtained from the Renaren unit being tested on board one of the Stena Line vessels has given valuable knowledge on the performance of the core OileClear process. The investigations undertaken have shown that oil droplets floating in a water matrix can be destabilised using an electrical field, but primarily due to hydroxide flocs from an electrocoagulation process. 

Further progress in the process development has shown that a 3 stage process is required for attaining sufficient cleaning of emulsified oil with the OileClear process that must include both electrocoagulation adsorption and separation. Whereas the electrocoagulation stage is performing satisfactorily, the latter two processes are being tested for perfection. Parallel with the development of the core processes, the gas/liquid safety enclosure system is under development. Having developed the design specifications of the enclosure system different alternative options are being assessed pending the final set up of the cleaning process. 

It has been decided by the consortium that development of the process control system be based on the existing control system of the Renaren as Westmatic has good experience with the existing product. Initially, an updated version of P&ID has been developed based on the progress of the treatment process. Further to this, placement of sensors and an IO list has been worked out. Development of the control cabinet and PLC software are under development correlated with development of the core process.

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